Modernist Homes

I have to say, there  are so many styles of  homes around, but one that always seems to catch my eye is the “modernist” style…those unusual homes from the 50s, 60s. Think  Harry Seidler, Frank Lloyd Wright and Robyn Boyd.  When I stumble upon one in a suburban street I just love  their individuality and street presence.

Strong lines, often single storey with flat or angled roofs, large floor to ceiling windows. Usually open plan living with clean lines. Funny, they were built often over 50 years ago, but have so many characteristics of the “new” homes of today.  I have added some images from Modernist Australia – a great website which lists modernist homes which are  on the market and also aims to create awareness to all we Design lovers of the importance of preserving homes of this genre. Rose Seidler House is one that most [people know in the Modernist style built  between 1948-1950… I have included some pics below of some homes that are not quite as well  known, but will definitley post some of Rose Seidler House in the future.

Have you seen this stunning home on the main street of Berry? I always stop outside for a longer look when driving thru.
Pics from Modernist Australia.

Here are a couple of interior images.I love how the original fittings have been preserved.

Plus these gorgeous open plan living areas, the house was really designed for entertaining. 

Here are a couple of other interesting images of Modernist homes that caught my eye.

Maybe its the fact that I grew up in an angular fibro house all those years ago that gives me this fascination for this style of home.

Remember though, I said, I enjoy all designs  and homes of all style so,  I wont be sticking to one particular style on my blog


This home (above and below) was built over 50 years ago….A classic modernist home, that has stood the test of time and fads…. how elegant the living room is with the amazing stone feature wall.

Images: Modernist Australia


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