The Ultimate In Style – Roundhill Cottage…..

These beautiful images are from a treasured Vogue Living of mine,  published in 2002. I have a small but growing stack of Design magazines which for some reason I have been compelled to hold on to…. this issue is one of them.

For me this coastal home is the epitomy of style and when you learn that the home is owned by Ralph Lauren, then that is no surprise !

Let me know if you have a favourite home….one to dream about. I’d love to see others amazing retreats.

Living Room

             The monochrome colur scheme of  all white walls floors and ceiling mean the focus is purely on the stunning surroundings… creating a soothing, relaxed retreat.

The Amazng verandah features a Jamacian styled shingle roof.

 Accent tones of rich timbers the main accent, still tying closely with nature.

Lush Green foliage is a beautiful contrast to the teak and white surfaces.

The all white ceilings and floors create a fabulous sense of space and light.

Each room is furnished and accessorised sparingly .

HIgh Ceiling Foyer with the simplicty of an orchid as the centrepiece.

Each piece is key to the room- nothing frivolous or unnecessary is displayed.

Main Bedroom

Luxurious Bathroom

Timeless design isnt easy to create. Trends and colours come and go.

This home is a perfect example of timeless design.The images are ten years old and yet could feature in the next 2012 Vogue Living issue!

All images Vogue Living.


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