Coastal Feel…

Sometimes I just love collecting images that resonate with me….  not necessarily specific homes or furniture pieces. These images usually create an emotional response  and maybe give  inspiration for a colour scheme, an interesting use of textures or a fresh way to combine and display special pieces.

The soft ocean blues, worn painted surfaces and eclectic mix of pieces in the images below are some of my favourites.

They conjour up thoughts of warm relaxing days, soft seaside breezes and clear skies, a nice  distraction as we feel our first  touches of winter in Sydney.

Image - Vogue Living

This gorgeous shot is styled to take us back to seaside holidays.

Using these same soft hues in your own home will always ensure a relaxed and calming space. These tones always give a sense of space and openness.

I love the mix of treasures displayed  on the wall. I am certain there would be many back yard sheds with similiar vintage fishing gear laying, waiting to be re discovered.

Rustic, time worn and wonderful !

I love the starfish displayed on the wall and textured look of the slip cover on the armchair. Just imagine sitting back reading while the family play out on the sand.

Vintage glassware and food cover.

Glass is timeless, blends with all colours and tones, reflects light beautifully and can often be picked up for next to nothing!

The key is not about the cost of the glassware, but the right combination of sizes, shapes and subtle colour variations.

A collection of treasures.

This is my pick of these coastal images. The glass bottles are stunning and echoes the soft blues of the beach perfectly.

The collection of pieces in all these images are all simple, often vintage and in most cases inexpensive. The trick is letting them work together to create that coastal feel.

Images sourced Vogue Living


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