That special spot…….

I just love when you see a lovingly grouped set of objects that just :”fit”. Usually there is some reason they connect – maybe colour, shape , texture or just that they are loved by the person who has them on show in their home.

Street Urchin portrait with vintage objects . John Derian Vogue Living 2010

 A simple connection of objects is all that it takes- it can be contemporary, retro, country. I love the creation of that corner table of a room or entrance hall console that tells you a little about the people who live there.

Simplistic Japanese Style – Vogue Living

Modernist style in a Danish Apartment – Belle Magazine.

I know I love re arranging my special objects at home… I have a contemporary home, but try not to let that restrict me too much. Sometimes it may not be a table as such, have a look at the gorgeous fireplace below… Texture on the wall behind and a collection of artwork, timber artifacts and greenery.

Tumbleweed fireplace – Vogue Living

The vignette below is a mix of vintage finds  A collection of smooth glass and time worn metal plus using those amazing seed pod stems!

Vintage finds – Home Beautiful

 I also love the elegance of the bedroom side table below… soft Turquoise,combined with glass accents and  that stunning single bloom. A feminine and timeless look.

Turquoise touches – Home Beautiful

I have a myriad of images of stuning vignettes saved away –  all very original and unique.

I will share some more soon… Maria


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