Elliot Ripper House – Stunning

I just love the simplicity and clean lines of this amazing home in Sydney’s Inner city suburb of Rozelle. Designed by Christopher Polly, the home is situated next to a 3 storey walled neighbour on one side and a single storey on the other. The flow of rooms, beautiful use of glass and timber, and weather boards helping to still retain the essence of the original home.

External View

The living areas are all situated on the lower floor, with private bedroom and bathrooms on the upper floor. The images below will show you the wonderful open feel and clean lines, that definitely do not feel like a small inner city dwelling.

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms are effortless. No fuss or unnecessary detailing. The view into the canopy of the trees outside means you could be anywhere.

The home is just so fresh and streamlined, yet with just the right amount of timber and organic shape to make it feel warm and welcoming.

This home is a beautiful example of good design using a small space. I am constantly amazed by the designs and originality from our architects.


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