More Modernist Magic

I never cease to be amazed by those classic 50s and 60’s Modernist homes. Strong, clean lines, crisp colours, and a look as though they could have been completed last week. I have put together a few images of some great examples, mainly from the US to appreciate.


I just love the way they have accessorised the neutral tones of the home with the umbrellas and Navy accents.

This beautiful approach is so well balanced. This home In Los Angeles was built in 1964.

The approach to the Pool in the same home in Los Angeles. The plants are perfect with the architecture- strong and sculptural ( love that chair too)


This patio , complete with amazing recliner lounge and huge picture window is a favourite of mine. Its contemporary feel and relaxed vibe, makes me want to grab a Martini and just lounge in the space!

This image is also from the home featured above, Large expanses of glass and the soft muted grey tones –¬† I just Love the Modernist style.

I have a handful of more humble , suburban modernist homes in our area – think I may takes some photos and share on the blog with you!


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