School House Conversion

One thing I am always fascinated with are conversions of old Industrial and work spaces to homes. That clever use of space, a true open plan in most cases, subtly divided into areas for living and sleeping. Most retain pieces of the original structure paying homage to those who have used the space in its past life. One that I think is amazing is the Westwyck Eco Village.

This project in Brunswick , Melbourne Is an ambitious and inspiring one. The Brunswick West Primary School, closed in the 1980’s due to lack of students has been re-invented as a sustainable development of high quality. A combination of 7 warehouse style apartments re born from the original school structure, plus 5 new town houses adjacent on old school grounds. Stage two has started with more new buildings being added to the community. But it is conversion of the old school building into apartments that I love.

These images are of Apartment 4, the largest of the apartments where Mike Hill and Lorna Pitt, who started the project live.

Open Plan Living

The school Hall has been beautifully re invented as a fresh welcoming space. The designers, from Multiplicity in Melbourne, Tim O’Sullivan and Sioux Clark have used a blend of original features combined with the contemporary to create an amazing space.

Kitchen Area

Even some of the original school furniture has been re worked into the project. The Chartreuse colour is uplifting and fresh. The contrast against the iron balustrading and rich timbers is perfect. Plus those pops of colour with the accent chairs.

Suspended study space

Suspended Study Space

As  dramatic contrast to the panelled timber walls and shaped ceiling space, a streamlined , suspended study space is perched above the living area. capitalising on space without encroaching on the original space below.

The image above is the front facade, still the fabulous original structure, with a hint of what lies within by the use of that stand out green paint trim!

There are 4 other apartments , also created within the original school building are not as large as Apartment 4 but none the less still beautifully designed spaces. I will post some of those images soon.

For more information on the Westwyck Eco Village you can go to or also take a look at



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