Studio Space

I have a partner who loves art and painting – plus a teenage daughter as well.  One     of the items on my wish list for our next home is a studio, A separate space where they  can create, leave a mess if they are in the midst of a special project and have a place created for that purpose alone. I know I would still like it to have a little design style and   the design will depend on the style of home we ultimately buy. Currently i am open to the style of home, dependent on what is on the market next year when it is time to buy.

Here are a few garden studios that I fell in love with.

The first is a contemporary design from SudioShed, it would be perfect for the home we have currently.

As a total contrast, I adore this classic design with the tiled roof, Not sure how much would fit into this one, but it does look gorgeous. From Gardensun Studios.

The large glass doors would be ideal for Art and design work, allowing plenty of natural light and warmth.

Perfect on that big tree filled block, I think you could almost set up house inside.

I love the soft colour palette on this little studio. Welcoming and elegant.

This studio would sit with many style homes, it is a classic design, with welcoming open doors and I think it is my favourite,

Stunning colour and outlook makes this one very special. The ability to have the deck area outside is a great feature. From Apartment Therapy.

I may have rushed picking my favourite, as this one also ticks lots of boxes.

The colour, the wonderful courtyard outside and the tall glass doors. This too would sit comfortably in any backyard.

Do you have a fabulous studio, or maybe its a shed that you have transformed ?

I would love to see it if you have . Email me at


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