Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathrooms have to be practical – For me they need to have enough space, storage, be easy to clean, plenty of light and still look fabulous. To have a design that follows the style of your home, yet still function for your family.

These bathrooms I have posted are all gorgeous, all different and not always totally practical, but they are just so good to look at!

The ultimate in elegance , that mosaic floor is the hero of the room.

I think this is a favourite of mine – I love clean lines and the soft textue of the grey wall and concrete bath and vanity…. So Modern. Both images

This bathroom is a clever mix of classic floor tiles, warm timber accents and wall panelling , yet with the contrast of the square marble basins. I love the crisp fluffy white towels – they always work! Image via inspirebohemia

This room is so inviting – the curves are just simply sexy! The feature is the bath, so the other fixtures are simple in contrast to that Bath!  Light is key in this room too…. This room is not big in size, but definitely big on design style.

The deep charcoal grey against the white  – love it! This space is not big, but the clever use of pedestal basin, claw foot bath and traditional shaving cabinet all give a feeling of space – an combined together with the traditional wall panelling all just work. Pinterest.

Grey again – seems to be a theme here. Using texture and pattern this bath looks amazing. .

This beautiful beachhouse bathroom is divine… not quite the same feel as the streamlined muted tones of the other bathrooms above, but I just loved it’s quirkiness. Not sure if I would want to clean all those seas shells though!

Let me know what you think, I would love your feedback!





2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bathrooms

  1. I have the same favorite as you. All these bathrooms are awesome, but the one with the concrete tub and clean lines is just so simply beautiful. Although, I am a serious fan of the egg shaped tubs.

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