Portia and Ellens Home

Have you seen the gorgeous story on Ellen and Portia’s home featured in the Architectural Digest recently? We were browsing homes on the web at our La Maison office last week and came across the feature. The home is wonderful – a blend of beautiful pieces, obviously a project where a budget possibly doesn’t rule the decisions, but with that said, the home seems to have a warm, welcoming feeling – not pretentious – just like I said, wonderful!

Starting with the Entrance to the home – an eclectic mix of treasures and fabulous light.

The Living room once again uses a mix of pieces , it just has a very welcoming feeling – plenty of plump scatter cushions, throws and of course the fire. Love it!

 How different is the Glass shelving unit suspended above the bench, under the skylight. The light would play beautifully on the glass pieces stored inside –  I would think this is  something that would be best planned during the early stages of the kitchen’s design to ensure the best structural support for the cabinet. Not something you could hang as an afterthought.



How elegant is the formal dining Room? But as it seems with their home, there is always an element of surprise – that black and white artwork is so contemporary , yet just works.



The casual dining area is rustic and earthy. The old vintage timber table is echoed in the heavy timber console, plus the simple textured rug and even the iron entrance door to the space all combine to give a unpretensious yet stunning space.

The bedroom’s grey and taupe tones follow the feel of the home, giving the bedroom a relaxed and elegant mood.I especially like the use of 2 different style bedside lamps – just that little bit a asymmetry for the room.

Now wait till you see the bathroom……

How much do you love the mirror and the light fitting? Once again, a blend of beautiful pieces all just a little different , but just stunning  and now for the bath….,

What is there to say – the Marble bath is amazing butis made even more special by the scale of the room and the floor to ceiling windows with the outlook of greenery.

 But if you not in the mood for a bath, then the double shower is just as amazing.

Tied together by those beautiful tiles in the soft grey tones and the warmth of the antique timber accents.,

I just love the girls home, because of just that . You can see it is the most beautifully finished interior, with no expense spared, however is has a casual, friendly and open feeling .

To see the entire article visit www.architecturaldigest.com 




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