Pendant Lights – Define your space.

The current love of the pendant light seems to be growing. These lights fit with all styles of homes and can give a particular space in a room real definition. They are very popular right now, especially over kitchen benches and always the ever popular choice for creating real atmosphere for a dining area. Here are a few that I really love …

These beautiful nickel and milk glass pendants tie in with the other steel accents in the kitchen, have a very classic look and slightly industrial style. Image via design crisis.

The wow factor of this fabulous yellow pendant just tick all the boxes in this eclectic kitchen work area. via pinterest.

White wicker gives this pendant great texture and I love the contrast between the smooth trio of lights over the bench in the background. Via Designed for style.

I think these are one my favourites . I love the colours, the shape and the glass finish. Retro and fabulous! via desire to inspire.

Clean and modern, this crisp white statement light completes this living room – the rounded shape echoed in the print and the coffee table –  contemporary with a retro twist! via emmas design blogg.

 The copper finish is becoming more popular in design and I love the warmth and elegance it adds when used. These 3 lights definitley complete this kitchen. via desire to inspire.

This cluster pendant of white ceramic is perfect for this dining space – warm timber, rustic floorboards and the final touch of the quirky pendant light. Individual and unique!via the design files

This is a stunning stand alone pendant light with a metallic finish and gorgeous shape. The perfect light to use in a neutral toned space such as this  small dining area to help define the area. via

I love this style of light – from classic to industrial and contemporary – there seems to be so many ways  you can use these lights!

What do you think, are they a style you would have in your home? Would love to know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Pendant Lights – Define your space.

    • Hi Mara, sorry for the very late reply, my internet died & I am only just up and running again! These lights in the image you were asking about were re blogged from an Amercian blog, Designcrisis. So I cant help you with specifics on where you could source them. I do know that Restoration Hardware in the States do have this design in their range its called the “Clemson”. Have a look on their website. Maria

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