Outdoor Rooms

Summer is here in beautiful Sydney and outdoor living is part of our daily life – entertaining outdoors, just relaxing by yourself – whatever you choose to do , I just adore the Outdoor room concept. My home is perched on a very steep site, so my outdoor entertaining is mainly from our wide decks which capture stunning views over the bay. BUT I must say I also hanker for an intimate, leafy courtyard too!

I have collected a few of my favourite outdoor rooms to share…

Country villa in Sicily

This is rustic and earthy, a villa for rent in Sicily I found….. I just love the the eceltic mix of pieces, not perfectly placed by a designer, but even so it has real character.

Martha Stewart

This room really gives a sense of space, by using the roof to define the area. I love the tones of the pieces used in the room. Image via Martha Stewart blog.

design2b blogspot

For something totally different this gorgeous contempory room, clean bold colours, plenty of space – perfect for the Australian contemporary home. Image via design2bbeautiful blog.

Noosa life and style blog
This room has the strong lines of the built in fire and walls, however is welcoming and warm with the earthy tones and rustic furniture. I just love the idea of the outdoor fireplace, you can use this space all year round! The lush greenery borders the space perfectly. Image via noosalifeandstyle blog

Sandy koepke USA

I really want to be sitting around this table with a group of my best friends, some great wine and food – The colours of the foliage, the lighting and the industrial chairs and rustic table just lure you in …. magic! Image via Sandy Koepke design

Philip Dixon design
This stunning space is by Phillip Dixon in the UK. I love the way he has tiered the space to be practical and the combination of timbers and stone. The building is an old stone home in Notting Hill, see a second image below.

phillip dixon 2

I love the shelving. It helps to add real personality to the area, plus is practical too.

Marco Menaguzzi

This elegant outdoor area is by Marco Meneguzzi. Classic and practical, the neutral tones of the stone , contrasted with the strong navy tones and iron lanterns and furniture give it a really calming, serene feel. The lush green foliage which encompasses the area makes it feel like a private oasis.

outdoor courtyard

This last space isnt really a “room” in any sense, however it still shows how a space can be defined, even just by beautiful planting and some furniture to give a forgotten corner real purpose. All I need is a couple of good home design magazines , a drink and leave me here!

Enjoy your summer days!
Maria x


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