Compact Study Spaces

In the ideal home a personalised space dedicated to your own creative or work needs is a must. For those with a family, a position that is close to the children , yet separate enough to let you focus on your work is important. I have selected a mix of study spaces that are just that little but different – whether it be the colour choice, design or accent pieces in the space.

gemma moore blogspot

I just LOVE this wallpaper and the clever repitition of the circular shapes in the paper, notice board and world globe. Also love the brave use of the second pattern on the office accessories . Quirky and fabulous! Image via gemma moore blogspot.

loveyoubig blogspot2

This study corner has warmth and character. The stunning colour of the storage cabinet that is echoed in the accessories gives it real punch! I love the way the drawers on the desktop have each been covered in  individual wallpapers. Image via loveyoubig. blogspot

thrifted treasure

This study nook is SO original. From the curved shape desk, retro chair and gorgeous high gloss aqua storage behind, the space is eclectic and fun. Love the accessories used, Splashes of colour from lighting and books. Image via thriftedtreasure.


This classic study on the left is an elegant and simple nook. Crisp, streamlined white furniture tucked neatly in a corner with

colourful accents from the mood board and fresh flowers.

The natural light flooding the corner is a real bonus for a work area like this. Image via pinterest.


This study space is colourful and slick.

The desk area is mounted against the wall, no legs to create clutter, giving an open and large feel to the space.Once again the quirky accessories displayed on the wall above give the space personality. Image via Diamondlil.

love you big blogspot

Texture and fun, combined with classic retro pieces.  The space is homely and warm with the rough stone wall as the backdrop giving real character. Image via Decor8.

martha stewart

This Grey study nook is simple and practical. My favourite part of this nook, is the Clipboards hung above the desk. Each with its own theme and design. A great way to add interest to a wall for very little cost. Image via Martha Stewart.


This space is cleverly split – with a compact study nook and bench seat and storage side by side. The rug anchors the space and the red chair and interesting use of the wire baskets and personal art touches make if one of my favourites. Image via pinterest.


This bold and contemporary study is hidden behind sleek sliding doors. Generous work space for two, with that vivid orange desktop and wall treatment. The space is practical with filing storage and overhead storage. This is a very usable, well lit space that can be shut off from the rest of the home when needed. Image via homeizy.


This unique and to die for study pod is my absolute favourite.

Take your study where ever you want – I love the organic shape and clean simple style. Yes Please!Image via frenchbydesign.

So, I will next go back into my very safe and uninteresting study, feeling a little underwhelmed – yet another project  to add to the list. Although  I honestly believe after sourcing these beautiful images, that most use are as stunning as they are by clever use of  their accessories and colour schemes.

Till next time

Maria x


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