A Heavenly Home

I love the idea of re inventing a space from a past life into a home…. a warehouse, schoolhouse ( have you seen my earlier blog on the school conversion in Brunswick – the Westwyk Eco Village?) so I couldn’t help but want to share these beautiful images of this Church reborn into a stunning home.. The design and furnishings are a little more classic than many of the other homes I’ve featured, but there is something very calming and welcoming about this space…

church open plan view

The way the timber detailing, columns and archways have been retained, but there are also quirky touches like the coloured patterning scattered in the timber flooring, plus the fabulous mix of furniture.

church kitchen view 2  via plush palate 2

The view across the kitchen and living area showing the amazing expanse of glass and wonderful natural light , which I think is one of the keys to creating that almost etherial feeling.  I love the glass lanterns placed around the space too…. La Maison,where  I spend my working week, has a great range of these available to buy.

church living area via plush palate 3

Looking back into the room, the oval mirror echoes the shape of the archways, plus once again I love the quirkiness of the “pieces” in the room. The vintage cane pram, wicker armchair especially.

church  formal living pp

Upstairs in the mezzanine level, surrounded by those amazing windows is what I would call a very elegant retreat. Modernist chairs, mixed with gold accents and comfy sofa… this is a room put together with a great sense of style and confidence.

church bedroom  via plush palate 5

The bedroom is a calm, elegant space too. A hint of colour with the powder blue chaise and soft curved lines of the furniture once again ties in with the wonderful windows.

All images via plushpalate blog.

Definitely only a few lucky people get to have the opportunity to tackle a project like this, and no doubt patience with bureacracy and a healthy bank balance would be a must, as nothing would be straightforward, but how satisfying coming home to a space such as this at the end of your working day!

Do you know of any makeovers of this type of space? Would love if you have one to share.

Maria x



One thought on “A Heavenly Home

  1. Love the church conversion Maria,great kitchen bench! The space looks warm & inviting.
    Love the rug upstairs.

    LOVE the post on Italy , are they your photos, they are fantastic! Want to book my ticket now! X Bron

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