Retro style

I have to confess I have a love of the Modernist style, clean, simple usually with a touch of colour – for me the style is almost timeless…. fits back in the 50’s and also right now. Here are a few images to share with you.


Square lines plus colour mixed with timber and fresh white .


I love the end cabinetry design of this kitchen wall… not the standard modular kitchen ( love that chair too)


I adore this fabulous room divider and sofa , perfect for 2013, but the divider has its own retro past!


This kitchen has such great colour. The wall art is actually made from plastic bread ties.


An up close view of the Bread tie artwork!


More of the Kitchen, The fireplace in the background is also something that caught my eye, not to mention the breakfast bar and stools combination.


Colour, furniture, lighting and accessories , mix them together in the right way it really makes a statement…


Cosy corner in this retro home, colour once again makes a big impact.

Hope you enjoyed these Modernist moments, We are planning a move later this year and I am secretly hoping to find an original 50’s modernist home to make my own, but they are rare in my area and only time and fate will tell.

Images via designnehez

Maria x


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