There are some absolutely amazing staircases in homes – they are more than just practical, but can be the standout design feature of the room. Materials used are broad – timber, glass, steel, tiles and don’t forget colour! Here a few of the more unusual stairways I have found to share with you.

Stairs-Ecole A true statement in simplicity… black and white, the stairway seems to float .

la machine a habiter - triangular-treads-shallard

I love all the elements in this room –  the block wall, windows, and of course the triangular tread metal stairs.

La Machinea a Habiter

Like a work of art, the underside of these amazing stairs is organic and colourful.


Beautifully generous in width and luxury, this stone stairway with timber treads is wide enough to store books either side as it winds it way to the next level. Castroferro Architects

La Machinea habiter 3

Very simple stair design, yes, but what about the colour !  I just adore this combination.

La Machine a habiter 2

This is a very unusual design, nordic toned timber – almost like a secret entrance way beckoning you to explore upstairs. Simple and brilliant.


To create a feeling of openness and space , the use of tensioned steel to define the stairway creates a simple, modern feel.


Another simple and gorgeous floating stair – in a compact space, cleverly incorporating a timber shelf as a stair tread as well !

Ab Rogers design design milk

The last image is just for fun! A rainbow spiral staircase by Ab Rogers – the statement piece in the all white surroundings,

Next time I trudge up my staircase at home I will try not to be too envious of these truly original and fabulous designs.

Till next post.

Maria x

Images via La Machine a’ Habiter, Design Milk ,


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