Modernist Lost

With my love of modernist homes, I stumbled upon these images by Chris Mottalini of Paul Rudolph’s homes , empty and in a state of disrepair – their fate – to be demolished. It left me feeling quite moved, seeing these cutting edge homes for their era now gone.

The images are of the homes prior to their demolition –

mottalini-micheelshouse living The abandoned living space of Micheels house before it was demolished. I look at this space and see what a fabulous re invention of this home could have been….


The exterior of Micheels House in Westport Connecticut built 1972 demolished in 2007.


Another view of the custom built furniture inside the home and the very contemporary stairs.

twitchell house

The abandoned exterior of Twitchell House by Paul Rudolph in Siesta Key, Florida. I love the shape and angles of this home that is now gone. Built 1941 and demolished 2007

twitchell house external

A glimpse inside – expanses of glass and open plan – I always am amazed at these homes are designed in the 1940’s yet would sit into our world today so easily. Such a wonderful space lost forever.

twitchell house  living

The living space of the Twitchell house abandoned it has such an empty and lifeless feeling to it.

original living TH

An original image of the living room – complete with modernist furniture. Love!

exterior original th

The original exterior, complete with palm trees, set right on the beach.

If you get a chance visit Chris Mottalini’s website for a full montage of images.

Paul Rudolph designed some amazing homes for his time and I will blog again with more images of his modernist homes in the future.

Maria x


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