Loft Spaces




The idea of a loft space to renovate and live in has always been something I have liked to think about. Not really something that is a reality in the suburban area I live, hence it always is something I like to dream about. I have put together some images of what I think are gorgeous spaces, many featuring that angled ceiling and open living that often says “Loft Living”… enjoy


This cool white loft with columns ,arches, lush greenery and warm timber floors is one that I love. The beautiful artworks casually placed around the loft add colour and personality.


This section of the living space shows the dining area in the back ground and more of the casually placed art. Don’t you just love the lighting as well?


The kitchen bench tucked under the angled sky light,snugly fitted next to the ornate stair rail. Also notice the textured painted brick wall .



This loft space has a stronger, more masculine feel. Timber floors, exposed beams  with rich brick walls contrasted with neutral creams and greys. I love the open fireplace and once again casually placed art.



Viewed from a different angle, this image shows the dramatic black pillars and wonderful light that flows in from the angled windows above the seating area and compact kitchen.


The clever and stylish  kitchen, tucked under the angled ceiling with a punch of colour from the red chairs. The streamlined design of the eat in bench and lighting above gives a sense of space.  



This open loft space is contemporary and slick. From this perspective all white and grey, a splash of primary colour and timber. Beautiful natural light gives the space a really open feel.


Then WOW, look at this amazing feature wall – exposed brick with colour that is almost graffiti, subtle blends of many tones. The white furniture and pots jump out from this artwork.


A view of the dining area with that amazing feature wall in the back ground.


Dark timber in both the kitchen and on the stairway that leads to the mezzanine bedroom above give the space some substance.

These three homes each have very different decorating styles. I love them all as they are all very individual and unique. They all have a casual , relaxed feel, yet are stunning and stylish as well. All images via

Till next time



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