Open Plan Impact

 I found these images of this fabulous warehouse space that has been converted to a home  by Israel Designers – Andro Studio. There are a number of components within this home that work together so well.  Some elements are simple  and contemporary , while others are quirky and also industrial. It’s the sort of space that doesn’t really fit into one type of “style” – which is why I think I like it. Enjoy.


The height of this space really gives the room such an open feeling, The exposed ducting and pipework on the ceiling combined with those amazing windows firmly stamp industrial conversion on this space. However the statement pendant lighting, truly fabulous sofas and artwork take the space to another level.


The view of the room from the other direction –  little touches make the difference. I love the repetitive cacti on top of the timber dividing wall.


Warm and inviting is this section of the space – a study/ library/ retreat? The lowered timber ceiling and glass sliding partition  walls make sure this space feels cosy and comfortable.


The open dining space is dominated by the huge “spider-like” industrial pendant. Light pouring in from those gorgeous windows ensure this area is light filled and fresh. Love the mix of colours of the dining chairs, once again just different enough to add a very individual look.


The Galley style kitchen , uncluttered and sleek. The smooth cupboards hide all the mundane and everyday kitchen necessities, leaving the eye to take in details from the floor rugs and bold coloured accents. There are those cacti again!


One thing I also love about this warehouse is the casual ( but careful) placement of the artworks. Not always hung on walls, but leant strategically to add interest to a particular corner of the room. The colour of the timber boards is also something that appeals to me – the wood  grain is strong and varied.


Just Love this donkey canvas!


The view into the library/study retreat  showing the glass roller doors up close – plus the open view straight through the home . I also like how they have cleverly laid the timber floor boards in the opposite direction for the reading area, to further define the different spaces.

This space is not a text-book style, it is individual and brave…. the colour palette is soft and calming and the decorative elements used are fun and original. The whole mix works together to create a welcoming and very contemporary home.

Till my next post!

Maria x


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