Montauk Lake House

This beautiful home is a subtle blend of crisp whites, soft driftwood tones, large expanses of glass all in a contemporary style. The home is large and sprawling on an amazing piece of land adjacent to the Lake. Designed by Architect Robert Young. All images via  Enjoy!

Montauk Lake House

External view, showing the beautiful contrast of the timber shingles and crisp white walls and windows.

Montauk Lake House external

Another external view, showing the more traditional architecture. I love the grey weathered timbers on the deck.

Montauk Lake House Robert Young

Stunning living space – timber and white…just love that look.

Montauk Lake House

Looking back into the kitchen, with soft greyed timbers used as a divider for the kitchen area.

Montauk Lake House

Walkway showing the soft hued timber wall behind the kitchen – driftwood tones give the space a real warmth and character.

Montauk Lake House

The wonderful openness of this home is shown here… love that pendant light too…

Montauk Lake House

The Lounge room ….. take me there!!

Montauk Lake House

One of the bedrooms showing the soaring ceilings – masses of light and space.

Montauk Lake HouseTo complete the story, of course a classic pool, placed adjacent to the home on the large expanse of lawn.

I love the simplicity and style of this home – elegant and uncluttered. Timeless design.

Till next time,

Maria x




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