The Fibro Beach Shack

After catching up with an old friend, who escapes to the NSW south coast whenever her family can, I started thinking about the type of holiday shack I would like to have if ever to be so lucky. Once again my love of the modernist design, means many of the gorgeous old 50s and 60s style shacks would be a dream to add some love to – not transform, just keep as per the original and bring it back to life.  Here are some images I love.

fibro beach 2

Love the entrance to this design, and the angled roof line…..

blue fibro

This one has obviously been given some love and attention and thankfully they have kept true to the original design.


This one is the perfect project, unassuming and unique design…

green fibro shack

Already a finished project, this one ticks all the boxes, especially with open and closed veranda spaces.


Large windows and wide eaves and a blank canvas to create the dream beachside escape.



Enough dreaming, back to reality. We are planning to sell later this year and I am already looking forward to a new project – I just hope there’s an old modernist fibro our there waiting for me!




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