Design to Die for…

Just a series of gorgeous rooms that took my eye . They seem to have a common theme of pops of colour and texture against a white or neutral back drop.

tumblr_n04p4lM30q1qztjh2o1_500Love the tones of this room- warm and earthy, yet still very contemporary

tumblr_mth158fLaI1qgmb5ao1_500 (1)Crisp, white and organic…. love the stair well and mix of greys and timber accents.

tumblr_mzd3irgUjd1qb83abo1_500Fabulous use of pattern with pops of colour – this room has real personality

tumblr_n0tuh8H4wn1qb83abo1_500 Love this bedroom – the timber headboard and lighting, once again a mix of textures and finishes.

tumblr_n0xfal8F7n1qb83abo1_500Just a simple white window sill – but just love the whole feel of this image with the bright green contrast of the plants

tumblr_n0yd4fGzDN1qb83abo2_500Loving the colour pops again in this bedroom , casual and fresh.

tumblr_mymdtjLbKC1rcztogo1_500Monochromatic and crisp , I love the light in this photo – the rich chocolate accessories against the stark white.

tumblr_mxnsabDC961qb83abo1_500A gorgeous reading nook – rich and warm.  Love to be curled up here with the latest Home Beautiful Magazine.

coloured basketsJust love this fun, Mediterranean vignette…

Have a great weekend! Maria.


Pendant Panache

Pendant lighting is definitely on trend in all styles of interior design right now. From classic to country , modern to retro. The images I have selected are all delicious and mainly modern or retro. Hope you like them!simondevitt118

Beautiful round pendant, generous in size and yet light and airy.


Love this oriental patterned light. Original and definitely fabulous,


This dark mesh design is cool and contemporary – I love the contrast with the lighter tones in the room.


Strong and dramatic, this black metal pair of  lights definitely define the dining zone !


Just love this streamlined , almost UFO style light – perfectly placed by the abstract, geometric artwork.


I know this is not a pendant light , but just had to include it as it is so special! yes please , love this one.


Clean, crisp and wow! This one is stunning. plus the contrast of the black , angular style

over the kitchen bench.


Retro magic – I adore this room  – the chair, picture window and that singular pendant light against the neutral toned wall.


White dome light is a strong feature in this interesting and very unusual whitewashed room.


The organic shape of this pendant light is classic and timeless – this would work in more than one style of home.

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful examples of pendants …..

Maria x

Pendant Lights – Define your space.

The current love of the pendant light seems to be growing. These lights fit with all styles of homes and can give a particular space in a room real definition. They are very popular right now, especially over kitchen benches and always the ever popular choice for creating real atmosphere for a dining area. Here are a few that I really love …

These beautiful nickel and milk glass pendants tie in with the other steel accents in the kitchen, have a very classic look and slightly industrial style. Image via design crisis.

The wow factor of this fabulous yellow pendant just tick all the boxes in this eclectic kitchen work area. via pinterest.

White wicker gives this pendant great texture and I love the contrast between the smooth trio of lights over the bench in the background. Via Designed for style.

I think these are one my favourites . I love the colours, the shape and the glass finish. Retro and fabulous! via desire to inspire.

Clean and modern, this crisp white statement light completes this living room – the rounded shape echoed in the print and the coffee table –  contemporary with a retro twist! via emmas design blogg.

 The copper finish is becoming more popular in design and I love the warmth and elegance it adds when used. These 3 lights definitley complete this kitchen. via desire to inspire.

This cluster pendant of white ceramic is perfect for this dining space – warm timber, rustic floorboards and the final touch of the quirky pendant light. Individual and unique!via the design files

This is a stunning stand alone pendant light with a metallic finish and gorgeous shape. The perfect light to use in a neutral toned space such as this  small dining area to help define the area. via

I love this style of light – from classic to industrial and contemporary – there seems to be so many ways  you can use these lights!

What do you think, are they a style you would have in your home? Would love to know what you think.


That special spot…….

I just love when you see a lovingly grouped set of objects that just :”fit”. Usually there is some reason they connect – maybe colour, shape , texture or just that they are loved by the person who has them on show in their home.

Street Urchin portrait with vintage objects . John Derian Vogue Living 2010

 A simple connection of objects is all that it takes- it can be contemporary, retro, country. I love the creation of that corner table of a room or entrance hall console that tells you a little about the people who live there.

Simplistic Japanese Style – Vogue Living

Modernist style in a Danish Apartment – Belle Magazine.

I know I love re arranging my special objects at home… I have a contemporary home, but try not to let that restrict me too much. Sometimes it may not be a table as such, have a look at the gorgeous fireplace below… Texture on the wall behind and a collection of artwork, timber artifacts and greenery.

Tumbleweed fireplace – Vogue Living

The vignette below is a mix of vintage finds  A collection of smooth glass and time worn metal plus using those amazing seed pod stems!

Vintage finds – Home Beautiful

 I also love the elegance of the bedroom side table below… soft Turquoise,combined with glass accents and  that stunning single bloom. A feminine and timeless look.

Turquoise touches – Home Beautiful

I have a myriad of images of stuning vignettes saved away –  all very original and unique.

I will share some more soon… Maria

Coastal Feel…

Sometimes I just love collecting images that resonate with me….  not necessarily specific homes or furniture pieces. These images usually create an emotional response  and maybe give  inspiration for a colour scheme, an interesting use of textures or a fresh way to combine and display special pieces.

The soft ocean blues, worn painted surfaces and eclectic mix of pieces in the images below are some of my favourites.

They conjour up thoughts of warm relaxing days, soft seaside breezes and clear skies, a nice  distraction as we feel our first  touches of winter in Sydney.

Image - Vogue Living

This gorgeous shot is styled to take us back to seaside holidays.

Using these same soft hues in your own home will always ensure a relaxed and calming space. These tones always give a sense of space and openness.

I love the mix of treasures displayed  on the wall. I am certain there would be many back yard sheds with similiar vintage fishing gear laying, waiting to be re discovered.

Rustic, time worn and wonderful !

I love the starfish displayed on the wall and textured look of the slip cover on the armchair. Just imagine sitting back reading while the family play out on the sand.

Vintage glassware and food cover.

Glass is timeless, blends with all colours and tones, reflects light beautifully and can often be picked up for next to nothing!

The key is not about the cost of the glassware, but the right combination of sizes, shapes and subtle colour variations.

A collection of treasures.

This is my pick of these coastal images. The glass bottles are stunning and echoes the soft blues of the beach perfectly.

The collection of pieces in all these images are all simple, often vintage and in most cases inexpensive. The trick is letting them work together to create that coastal feel.

Images sourced Vogue Living