More Loft magic

That word “loft Style’ is more and more common out in the design world lately . I admit I am definitely a fan of the look. It seems the high, sometimes “lofty” ceiling heights, the contrast of textures with wall finishes and the often Industrial  edge all are things I personally love. Here a few images that I wanted to share Brooklyn Loft_01     This space has it all – light, height and a fabulous mix of the industrial ( overhead pipes, exposed wiring, window frames) blended with the texture of the leather, touch of greenery and a beautiful lived in feel. masculine-industrial-loft-space This one is similar with the element used, but has a real warmth to it – once again exposed wiring, light and texture. Especially love the spiral staircase – they are enjoying a rebirth lately! industrical chic loft style living-industrical chic loft style living Yes!  A clever mix of furniture and accessories create what I call a loft with a touch of elegance.  The  Monochromatic colour scheme and  beautiful mix of accessories give this room a very calm feeling. An-Industrial-Style-Loft-Living-1 This one is almost a little retro – love that pop of colour in the sofa and the shape of the fireplace echoed int he pendant light in the dining zone. Ochs Design loft.jpg4 Had to include this one – almost a little Cinderella  like  – but look at those walls and ceiling.   industrial-loft-with-white-and-navy-blue-665x665 This  image above I have featured before., but I just love how the whole room is put together, I thought it was worthy of another post. The light is just amazing for this space, plus the artwork leant casually  along the window frame is also perfect too. For those lucky few with loft spaces in Sydney, which are not that common ,  I am very jealous.



Design to Die for…

Just a series of gorgeous rooms that took my eye . They seem to have a common theme of pops of colour and texture against a white or neutral back drop.

tumblr_n04p4lM30q1qztjh2o1_500Love the tones of this room- warm and earthy, yet still very contemporary

tumblr_mth158fLaI1qgmb5ao1_500 (1)Crisp, white and organic…. love the stair well and mix of greys and timber accents.

tumblr_mzd3irgUjd1qb83abo1_500Fabulous use of pattern with pops of colour – this room has real personality

tumblr_n0tuh8H4wn1qb83abo1_500 Love this bedroom – the timber headboard and lighting, once again a mix of textures and finishes.

tumblr_n0xfal8F7n1qb83abo1_500Just a simple white window sill – but just love the whole feel of this image with the bright green contrast of the plants

tumblr_n0yd4fGzDN1qb83abo2_500Loving the colour pops again in this bedroom , casual and fresh.

tumblr_mymdtjLbKC1rcztogo1_500Monochromatic and crisp , I love the light in this photo – the rich chocolate accessories against the stark white.

tumblr_mxnsabDC961qb83abo1_500A gorgeous reading nook – rich and warm.  Love to be curled up here with the latest Home Beautiful Magazine.

coloured basketsJust love this fun, Mediterranean vignette…

Have a great weekend! Maria.

Rough + Smooth = Beautiful

Thought I might share some images of some great rooms that use texture as a key feature  –  I personally love the contrast of an old brick warehouse wall against a  smooth glossy floor and velvet sofa .

stone wallCrisp, clean white and the natural tones of the old bricks and blonde timber accents. Stunning!

warehouseOnce again original bricks, this timber with rich warm timbers and clean smooth flooring. Rich and welcoming a very homely, yet urban look.

kitchen wallWhite render with an unusual backdrop to the kitchen sink area – love the light that comes through and once again the contrast of the crisp white and earthy bricks.

polished concreteSomething entirely different , how fabulous is this polished aqua concrete floor! Room yet to be completed, but who cares – I Love it!

textured roofI chose this one because of the rough textured ceiling – in contrast with the very slick, straight lines of the timber dividing wall below.

rendered wallJust love the whole feel of this image – the wall, lights and the singular piece of timber as the main feature.

concreteThis stairwell is the perfect example of using different textures together to get an original and beautiful space in your home.

Till next time

 Maria x


Stormy Greys… love this colour scheme


Just adore this bold and fabulous combination…. orange and grey works beautifully


Amazing bedhead and rich rustic feel to this room. The tones pulled together with the deep charcoal grey of the throw and curtains


Just love this room, the soft greys mixed with the citrus and green tones are inviting and very welcoming. This is a room by Abigail Ahern – her style is just right!


Striking and strong grey feature wall in this kitchen gives drama and clean lines .


This kids bedroom is stylish and contemporary. Great storage and the use of grey and white makes the space clean, modern and timeless.


Love the use of orange in this geometric wall, combined with the modernist furniture and simple space.


Love this bedroom space – the simplicity of the bedlinen, strong contrast feature wall and accent chair. Plus love that pendant light!

Greys can be soft and subtle, striking and strong and work with so many colours  – a change from the whites and cream neutrals we so often use.

Till next post

The Fibro Beach Shack

After catching up with an old friend, who escapes to the NSW south coast whenever her family can, I started thinking about the type of holiday shack I would like to have if ever to be so lucky. Once again my love of the modernist design, means many of the gorgeous old 50s and 60s style shacks would be a dream to add some love to – not transform, just keep as per the original and bring it back to life.  Here are some images I love.

fibro beach 2

Love the entrance to this design, and the angled roof line…..

blue fibro

This one has obviously been given some love and attention and thankfully they have kept true to the original design.


This one is the perfect project, unassuming and unique design…

green fibro shack

Already a finished project, this one ticks all the boxes, especially with open and closed veranda spaces.


Large windows and wide eaves and a blank canvas to create the dream beachside escape.



Enough dreaming, back to reality. We are planning to sell later this year and I am already looking forward to a new project – I just hope there’s an old modernist fibro our there waiting for me!



Style, organic shapes and Texture.

This home was designed by Clare Cousins  in Melbourne for her family. It is a very original design that offers some stunning organic shapes , combined with a mix of materials that offer some great contrasts in texture and shape.


Just love the shape of this face of the home and the use of the bricks especially being used in the vertical design rather than horizontal.


The amazing curved screening against the stark white bricks.


The living space, almost has a modernist feel to the design and built in shelving.


The kitchen uses rich dark brick work, to define the work space in the centre  of the open plan living area, contrasting beautifully with the lighter tones.


Love the fireplace – very simple and functional – bringing the exterior brick work indoors.


Beautiful suntrap courtyard flowing alongside the home.


Fabulous and funky , modernist furniture and accent pieces – love the colours and combination of shapes.


The bathroom is simple and large – open walk in shower and simple basin give the room lots of space.


The main bedroom is tucked behind the timber slatted screen, giving soft filtered light. Once again, love all the furniture and accent pieces – the pieces all relate to the other furniture pieces in the home. Organic and modern.

Really love the way this home is furnished and  – original and fabulous.

Images via Kindesign.


Montauk Lake House

This beautiful home is a subtle blend of crisp whites, soft driftwood tones, large expanses of glass all in a contemporary style. The home is large and sprawling on an amazing piece of land adjacent to the Lake. Designed by Architect Robert Young. All images via  Enjoy!

Montauk Lake House

External view, showing the beautiful contrast of the timber shingles and crisp white walls and windows.

Montauk Lake House external

Another external view, showing the more traditional architecture. I love the grey weathered timbers on the deck.

Montauk Lake House Robert Young

Stunning living space – timber and white…just love that look.

Montauk Lake House

Looking back into the kitchen, with soft greyed timbers used as a divider for the kitchen area.

Montauk Lake House

Walkway showing the soft hued timber wall behind the kitchen – driftwood tones give the space a real warmth and character.

Montauk Lake House

The wonderful openness of this home is shown here… love that pendant light too…

Montauk Lake House

The Lounge room ….. take me there!!

Montauk Lake House

One of the bedrooms showing the soaring ceilings – masses of light and space.

Montauk Lake HouseTo complete the story, of course a classic pool, placed adjacent to the home on the large expanse of lawn.

I love the simplicity and style of this home – elegant and uncluttered. Timeless design.

Till next time,

Maria x