More Modernist Love

Just a few gorgeous rooms to keep the creative juices flowing.I have  Been at work all week re doing the beautiful La Maison showroom floor – very french, classic and eclectic all mixed together , which is wonderful – But I  need to have a fresh hit of my favourite modernist/retro style.  Here’s a few I love.

Contemporary-Home-Library-Living-Room-with-Olive-Green-Modern-Curved-Sofa-900x618Love this sofa …. and the mix of all those personal pieces behind…. gives the space a very real, lived look, but with SO much style.

imagesJust adore the sideboard and accent chair in this fresh all white room. Simple and crisp.


Once again the furniture pieces in this amazing space are so fabulous.I never tire of  chairs of any description!

Plus that picture window and colour palette they have used to connect the outdoors with the room. Calm, relaxing and somewhere you can just imagine curling up with a good book.

chris barrett designWhat can I say – those colours and once again those chairs!!!  Stunning by Chris Barrett Design.

living-roomjohnkandersonA well put together room, by John  Kanderson once again a beautiful mix of furniture pieces that work together so well, plus that great pop of colour from the print!

Internal_03lukestanleyarchitectsThis open plan kitchen dining by Luke Stanley features a beautiful modernist design dining setting and pendant light . The kitchen itself is relatively simple, but by teaming it with the dining creates a more mid century feel.

kitchen- Nest architects -Nest Architects in Melbourne created this amazing kitchen – classic colours and lines for the mid century look….. Love it!

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful rooms – it is a very unique and special style that I know has a loyal set of fans who appreciate great design, clean lines and some personality!

Maria x


The Fibro Beach Shack

After catching up with an old friend, who escapes to the NSW south coast whenever her family can, I started thinking about the type of holiday shack I would like to have if ever to be so lucky. Once again my love of the modernist design, means many of the gorgeous old 50s and 60s style shacks would be a dream to add some love to – not transform, just keep as per the original and bring it back to life.  Here are some images I love.

fibro beach 2

Love the entrance to this design, and the angled roof line…..

blue fibro

This one has obviously been given some love and attention and thankfully they have kept true to the original design.


This one is the perfect project, unassuming and unique design…

green fibro shack

Already a finished project, this one ticks all the boxes, especially with open and closed veranda spaces.


Large windows and wide eaves and a blank canvas to create the dream beachside escape.



Enough dreaming, back to reality. We are planning to sell later this year and I am already looking forward to a new project – I just hope there’s an old modernist fibro our there waiting for me!



Modernist Lost

With my love of modernist homes, I stumbled upon these images by Chris Mottalini of Paul Rudolph’s homes , empty and in a state of disrepair – their fate – to be demolished. It left me feeling quite moved, seeing these cutting edge homes for their era now gone.

The images are of the homes prior to their demolition –

mottalini-micheelshouse living The abandoned living space of Micheels house before it was demolished. I look at this space and see what a fabulous re invention of this home could have been….


The exterior of Micheels House in Westport Connecticut built 1972 demolished in 2007.


Another view of the custom built furniture inside the home and the very contemporary stairs.

twitchell house

The abandoned exterior of Twitchell House by Paul Rudolph in Siesta Key, Florida. I love the shape and angles of this home that is now gone. Built 1941 and demolished 2007

twitchell house external

A glimpse inside – expanses of glass and open plan – I always am amazed at these homes are designed in the 1940’s yet would sit into our world today so easily. Such a wonderful space lost forever.

twitchell house  living

The living space of the Twitchell house abandoned it has such an empty and lifeless feeling to it.

original living TH

An original image of the living room – complete with modernist furniture. Love!

exterior original th

The original exterior, complete with palm trees, set right on the beach.

If you get a chance visit Chris Mottalini’s website for a full montage of images.

Paul Rudolph designed some amazing homes for his time and I will blog again with more images of his modernist homes in the future.

Maria x

Retro style

I have to confess I have a love of the Modernist style, clean, simple usually with a touch of colour – for me the style is almost timeless…. fits back in the 50’s and also right now. Here are a few images to share with you.


Square lines plus colour mixed with timber and fresh white .


I love the end cabinetry design of this kitchen wall… not the standard modular kitchen ( love that chair too)


I adore this fabulous room divider and sofa , perfect for 2013, but the divider has its own retro past!


This kitchen has such great colour. The wall art is actually made from plastic bread ties.


An up close view of the Bread tie artwork!


More of the Kitchen, The fireplace in the background is also something that caught my eye, not to mention the breakfast bar and stools combination.


Colour, furniture, lighting and accessories , mix them together in the right way it really makes a statement…


Cosy corner in this retro home, colour once again makes a big impact.

Hope you enjoyed these Modernist moments, We are planning a move later this year and I am secretly hoping to find an original 50’s modernist home to make my own, but they are rare in my area and only time and fate will tell.

Images via designnehez

Maria x

Melbourne Modernist

I have a special attraction to Modernist style homes, that clean modern look, but with a an edge, something that gives the home a personality.  This home in Melbourne, The McIntosh Residence was designed by Nest Architects and is definitely one that appeals to me.

The new family room is open and bright. The large glass doors are typical of the Modernist Home and lead out to a generous courtyard.

The courtyard looking inot the family room.. the Modernist decorative panel and crazy paving all add to the retro feel.

The colour blocked kitchen has clean lines and quirky use of colour with timber to be practical yet still in the modernist style.

I love the bathroom treatment. For this home, the circular patterned wall and gold is just perfect.

The approach to the home , lit at night, is a welcoming and modern feel. Cleverly using the original brick feature wall and scultured planting .

This home has been beautifully renovated to retain the original 1960’s architecture combined with a modern addition and renovation that pulls it into the 21st century but is fun, warm and a family home.

The home was shortlisted for the Victorian 2012 Institute of Architects Awards.

All images from

More Modernist Magic

I never cease to be amazed by those classic 50s and 60’s Modernist homes. Strong, clean lines, crisp colours, and a look as though they could have been completed last week. I have put together a few images of some great examples, mainly from the US to appreciate.


I just love the way they have accessorised the neutral tones of the home with the umbrellas and Navy accents.

This beautiful approach is so well balanced. This home In Los Angeles was built in 1964.

The approach to the Pool in the same home in Los Angeles. The plants are perfect with the architecture- strong and sculptural ( love that chair too)


This patio , complete with amazing recliner lounge and huge picture window is a favourite of mine. Its contemporary feel and relaxed vibe, makes me want to grab a Martini and just lounge in the space!

This image is also from the home featured above, Large expanses of glass and the soft muted grey tones –  I just Love the Modernist style.

I have a handful of more humble , suburban modernist homes in our area – think I may takes some photos and share on the blog with you!

Modernist Homes

I have to say, there  are so many styles of  homes around, but one that always seems to catch my eye is the “modernist” style…those unusual homes from the 50s, 60s. Think  Harry Seidler, Frank Lloyd Wright and Robyn Boyd.  When I stumble upon one in a suburban street I just love  their individuality and street presence.

Strong lines, often single storey with flat or angled roofs, large floor to ceiling windows. Usually open plan living with clean lines. Funny, they were built often over 50 years ago, but have so many characteristics of the “new” homes of today.  I have added some images from Modernist Australia – a great website which lists modernist homes which are  on the market and also aims to create awareness to all we Design lovers of the importance of preserving homes of this genre. Rose Seidler House is one that most [people know in the Modernist style built  between 1948-1950… I have included some pics below of some homes that are not quite as well  known, but will definitley post some of Rose Seidler House in the future.

Have you seen this stunning home on the main street of Berry? I always stop outside for a longer look when driving thru.
Pics from Modernist Australia.

Here are a couple of interior images.I love how the original fittings have been preserved.

Plus these gorgeous open plan living areas, the house was really designed for entertaining. 

Here are a couple of other interesting images of Modernist homes that caught my eye.

Maybe its the fact that I grew up in an angular fibro house all those years ago that gives me this fascination for this style of home.

Remember though, I said, I enjoy all designs  and homes of all style so,  I wont be sticking to one particular style on my blog


This home (above and below) was built over 50 years ago….A classic modernist home, that has stood the test of time and fads…. how elegant the living room is with the amazing stone feature wall.

Images: Modernist Australia