Ananda – Lakehouse

Let me share this amazing home with you if you didnt catch it in a recent issue of Belle.

This stunning home was designed by James Houston, Australian photographer and ideas man who also lives in the home.

The home was specifically designed to blend with the natural surroundings, dark, moody colours to blend with the forest. Huge panels of glass to let nature and the home co-exist.

Even the huge boulders have been specially cut into the edges of the timber decks, melding the two. Jamie Durie was involved in the design of the landscaping surrounding the home.

The Dining area features texture and warmth withe this towering stacked wall. How welcoming and warm does this room feel. It truly feels like a home.

The light floods into the living area, so serene. This home has a real sense of peace. James Houston has said that the name Ananda actually means Bliss in Indian culture.

Even the outdoor area has a relaxed feeling. The muted green tones blend into the forest and are just begging for a group of close friends to sit and catch up.

This home is definitely a one-off, for a few different reasons, Its location, its ability to sit with the nature around it and also you get the felling that James Houston really , genuinely loves his project.

Take a look at his blog, The Houston Effect. He is very inspiring in design and also his outlook on the world!





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