Design to Die for…

Just a series of gorgeous rooms that took my eye . They seem to have a common theme of pops of colour and texture against a white or neutral back drop.

tumblr_n04p4lM30q1qztjh2o1_500Love the tones of this room- warm and earthy, yet still very contemporary

tumblr_mth158fLaI1qgmb5ao1_500 (1)Crisp, white and organic…. love the stair well and mix of greys and timber accents.

tumblr_mzd3irgUjd1qb83abo1_500Fabulous use of pattern with pops of colour – this room has real personality

tumblr_n0tuh8H4wn1qb83abo1_500 Love this bedroom – the timber headboard and lighting, once again a mix of textures and finishes.

tumblr_n0xfal8F7n1qb83abo1_500Just a simple white window sill – but just love the whole feel of this image with the bright green contrast of the plants

tumblr_n0yd4fGzDN1qb83abo2_500Loving the colour pops again in this bedroom , casual and fresh.

tumblr_mymdtjLbKC1rcztogo1_500Monochromatic and crisp , I love the light in this photo – the rich chocolate accessories against the stark white.

tumblr_mxnsabDC961qb83abo1_500A gorgeous reading nook – rich and warm.  Love to be curled up here with the latest Home Beautiful Magazine.

coloured basketsJust love this fun, Mediterranean vignette…

Have a great weekend! Maria.


Doors to my Heart

I always have a thing for homes with front doors that make a statement about the house- a hint of what lies within.

Perhaps its a bold red,contemporary door, that leads you into a sleek, modern home. Or a rustic timber door protecting an old farmhouse. Maybe a rusted steel door as the entrance to an eclectic warehouse conversion.

Here are a few that caught my eye.

A Classic Timber door , homely and welcoming. The soft ocean grey wall colour creates a serene and calm feeling.

Wow, I just love the Lipstick Pink against the worn cement and green of the cacti.                                         Definitely makes me think there is something amazing inside!







This sleek industrial door combined with the polished concrete and timber is such a unique and indiviual syle, Contrast of texture works so well.


This glass door is so elegant, a glimpse of inside is so inviting. Not sure if I would be comfortable with the see through style, but it does look fabulous.



I love this home, the contrast of red and sea blue is amazing…. brave and beautiful.

The shutters also having the same red and the beautiful timber detail above the door frame give it a character that belongs to this home alone. Makes me smile!

Rustic and such a statement, these double doors are tall and striking, the timber combined with the worn stone and terracotta tones create an exotic feel, especially with that tempting glimpse into the courtyard beyond.


I just love these aqua arched double doors,      this is in a classic greek home, which is just gorgeous. The knarled and interesting potted olive trees  and plants give the approach a casual and relaxed feeling.  I will be posting more images later of this home by Gap Interiors.