More Loft magic

That word “loft Style’ is more and more common out in the design world lately . I admit I am definitely a fan of the look. It seems the high, sometimes “lofty” ceiling heights, the contrast of textures with wall finishes and the often Industrial  edge all are things I personally love. Here a few images that I wanted to share Brooklyn Loft_01     This space has it all – light, height and a fabulous mix of the industrial ( overhead pipes, exposed wiring, window frames) blended with the texture of the leather, touch of greenery and a beautiful lived in feel. masculine-industrial-loft-space This one is similar with the element used, but has a real warmth to it – once again exposed wiring, light and texture. Especially love the spiral staircase – they are enjoying a rebirth lately! industrical chic loft style living-industrical chic loft style living Yes!  A clever mix of furniture and accessories create what I call a loft with a touch of elegance.  The  Monochromatic colour scheme and  beautiful mix of accessories give this room a very calm feeling. An-Industrial-Style-Loft-Living-1 This one is almost a little retro – love that pop of colour in the sofa and the shape of the fireplace echoed int he pendant light in the dining zone. Ochs Design loft.jpg4 Had to include this one – almost a little Cinderella  like  – but look at those walls and ceiling.   industrial-loft-with-white-and-navy-blue-665x665 This  image above I have featured before., but I just love how the whole room is put together, I thought it was worthy of another post. The light is just amazing for this space, plus the artwork leant casually  along the window frame is also perfect too. For those lucky few with loft spaces in Sydney, which are not that common ,  I am very jealous.